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Take them out of the box. Charge them via a clip charger. Put them on your shoes. Sync them with the application. Use them. Simple as it is!

pLaces are designed according to the latest trends. Each line and curve are designed to perfectly match shoe and lacing.

We've used the finest materials such as carbon fiber and kevlar to achieve maximum dynamics and lightness.

Your boots are just as strong as your laces. Guaranteed to be unbreakable, waterproof, abrasion resistant and cut proof shoelaces.

Battery life you don't need to worry about. A rechargeable battery that lasts four weeks or longer. It's wireless - just use our clip charger!

We got you covered. You can use pLaces in 166 countries. That's almost anywhere in the world.



them on
your shoes


them with our application
using cellular network


them and auto-save movements
up to 24 hours back in time

Use Them Anywhere

Mountains, Forests, Deserts or Any Landmarks? Your Choice.
We Got You Covered.

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pLaces are Ariadne’s clew in your journey. Until you are ok with your route it plays simple role of reliable laces: lightweight, unbreakable, cut proof. But once you get lost, it magically turns into your girdle tie, your own Ariadne’s clew that will allow to find you or your friends.Christopher Lund - TechCase Explorer Inc

Understanding and Managing Safety Differently

pLaces have system which helps an average person to locate herself precisely anywhere on the planet without having to be too much technically literate.

This allows you to locate yourself and loved ones on the high mountains, forests, seas or featureless deserts where there may not be any landmarks to orient yourself, because it does not depend on any terrestrial system such as classic GPS locators.

pLaces let you stream your GPS tracked activities on app or our website allowing others to watch how you’re doing in real-time and encourage the innate desire of humans to explore the unknown lands without the fear of not being able to return or being lost.

Create safe zones and get notifications straight into the app or email for you or your friends, giving them peace of mind. pLaces not only gathers information about you or people you love, it includes several great features like sport activities, health and fitness reports.

Who's Behind pLaces


Co - Founder

Co - founder of the project and pLaces Ltd. Creating and running business for over 8 years. Experienced in leading the entire team from A to Z. And this is indescribable.


Co - Founder

The main idealist of pLaces with experience in project management. Also, caring wife, mother and co - founder of pLaces Ltd.

Gabriel Sirbu

Web Designer & Developer

Professional web developer and WordPress genius. His language is english and PHP, Python, javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL.

Ding Zhao

Mobile App Developer iOS / Android

C, C++, Fortran, PHP, Python, Pearl, CSS, Javascript, Basic, Jquery, AngularJS, Ruby, Flash AIR, Xcode Cisco CLI. Yes, that’s him!

Salman Abdulnabi

Engineering & Technology

Senior engineer with a lot of scope, experience and responsibility for the pLaces as they are. His knowledge is admirable.

Ruri Noya

Marketing & Socials

Experienced marketing manager. "If you build it, they will come."​ That line may have worked in the Field of Dreams, but it's a bad marketing strategy.

Goran Kruhonja

3D Design & Materials

Very talented and skilled at what he does, willing to go the extra mile until all expectations are met.


Prague, Czech Republic

Company ID No.: 912861237